An Overview Of Specialised Kinesiology

What is Specialised Kinesiology?

Perhaps you’ve heard the term kinesiology. The word derives from the Greek and is often translated as ‘study of motion’ particularly the study of how muscles act in concert to move the body. The term Specialised Kinesiology is often used to indicate the many systems which have sprung from Applied Kinesiology and Touch for Health. Specialised Kinesiology taps into the body’s unique capacity to heal itself. Eliminating blocks to health and wellbeing. It is based upon the holistic approach to health dealing with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues that limit us from being who we really are.

How did it begin?

In the late 1800s D.D. Palmer rediscovered the science of chiropractic. Then in the early 1960s Dr. George Goodheart developed a new system for working with muscles. Using his basic ideas and combining them with chiropractic and ancient oriental practices, Specialised Kinesiology in its present form came into being.

What does it encompass?

Specialised Kinesiology acts as an umbrella covering the many branches of the tree of applied kinesiology: edu-kinesiology, behavioural kinesiology, energy-kinesiology, bio-kinesiology, one brain, body talk, etc. It is a therapy that can be applied as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool and is frequently used to identify physical and emotional imbalances in the system. Since the body retains a memory of its emotional as well as its physical trauma, specialised kinesiology accesses this body memory by utilising muscle testing to discover the origin of the occurrence.


Specialised Kinesiology: How Does It Work?

This therapy uses muscle monitoring to tap into the body’s knowledge. Individual cells hold memories, for example, past actions, physical and emotional traumas, and genetic coding: it’s all contained within your own body.

In specialised kinesiology this memory is generally referred to as a ‘program’. These programs are frequently rooted in past trauma or incidents that the body identifies as trauma which can cause imbalances in the body. It is amazing how often problems can be tracked back to some unique ‘program’ that the body system is responding to.

Specialised Kinesiology employs the philosophy and techniques from Applied Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), Energy Medicine, Acupressure, Vibrational Medicine, Bodywork, Chiropractic and the latest in Neurology and Brain research.

Using this knowledge, specialised kinesiology goes to the root or addresses the source of the issue. The kinesiologist makes the appropriate corrections to bring the system from a state of dis-ease or imbalance into the desired state of health and balance.

What you discover with specialised kinesiology is that it provides a platform from which to present the body or system with stimuli so that it can now find the way to process or deconstruct the issue, so the cycle can finally be completed. The symptoms will then disappear because they are no longer needed since the issue has been cleared or released.


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