Kinergetics is a branch of Kinesiology which was created by Phillip Rafferty.

The Practitioner is able to identify emotional, mental and physical imbalances that can lead to self sabotage, allergies, stresses and chronic pain. These factors all play a role in creating blockages that cause the manifestations of disease or simply deprive an individual from living life to the fullest.

With Kinergetics, we are able to access numerous stressors and clear them with one correction using healing energy. The wonderful thing about it is that we are constantly guided by what the body deems is a priority to work on, and then shows us what the priority balance is.

Kinergetics is excellent at balancing the following:

  • TMJ and jaw related stress
  • Hydration & Electrolyte imbalances
  • Clearing sabotage programs
  • Clearing stress around affirmations
  • Brain integration
  • Improving elimination of heavy metals and candida
  • Sensitivities to foods
  • Vision imbalances
  • Pain
  • Imbalances in the light bodies and chakras


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